2018 is off to an exhilarating start with the rebranding of my company, the renovation of this website, and the preparation for my new book coming out next month.

While many find change daunting and anxiety-provoking, being open to the opportunities and potential of change can expand horizons and possibilities.  In 2018, it’s time to Welcome Change. I work with organizations and individuals to achieve results in the areas of leadership, career development, diversity, and inclusion. A precursor to success is often their willingness and motivation to welcome change by letting go of unproductive ways of doing things and embracing an idea or practice that will allow them to achieve their desired objectives.

Last year I realized that it was time to shake things up in my own company, starting with the name – Welcome Change, LLC – and then with the website redo and next, my book. 2018 is the year that I am welcoming change and growth, not just for my clients, but in my personal and professional life. I’m very excited about the updates to this website and invite you to spend a few minutes clicking around to see what’s new. I would love for you to pay special attention to the Lead Your Way page as it tells you more about another project that has long been in the works, and that I’m extremely excited to introduce to you.

Lead Your Way: Practical Coaching Advice for Creating the Career You Want was written to help people maximize their careers. It’s a useful how-to manual, and it’s due to be released next month! You can sign up here to be notified when the book is available –> Lead Your Way Launch.