We take the time to listen to you, and then craft our services to meet your objectives. We do not take a “cookie-cutter” approach to our work; instead, we make sure our services meet your unique circumstances and needs. We offer executive coaching and customized learning programs, as well as meeting facilitation and keynote presentations.


There is an art to coaching. With the overall mission of helping our clients achieve their goals, we utilize every tool we possess – our coaching skills, business experience, knowledge base, and sometimes even our contacts. We listen, question, challenge, share information, and offer different perspectives to help our clients learn, grow, move into action, and achieve results.


The most effective learning interventions are ones which actively engage the participants and reflect the unique culture, environment, and experience of the organization. All our programs begin by asking the question “What do you, our client, need?” We customize our programs and materials to resonate with your organization and meet your objectives.


Effective facilitation can be the difference between a meeting which ends in decisions, consensus, and stronger relationships and a meeting which ends in frustration, confusion, and damaged relationships. After carefully preparing for the meeting with key stakeholders, we bring our expert facilitation skills to ensuring a meeting that meets your objectives.