When people take on a new role, it’s not unusual for them to cling to the way they’ve thought about themselves in the past.  A classic example of this is the individual who is used to being a “doer,” and has now been asked to take on a leadership position. If their identity is wrapped up in being able to get the work done themselves, then leading others and delegating can be hard – it can feel unnatural and fake. But if they change their identity and mindset to that of a leader, then being a leader and developing the requisite skills becomes easier and feels more authentic. Make sure your identity reflects who you truly are. 

You may be needlessly suffering from imposter syndrome, the sense that you don’t belong in your role, but what if you do belong? What if your mindset hasn’t kept up with your skill set? It’s easy to find out. Make a list of your weak spots. Now look at it again – does anything stand out to you? Maybe you dislike presentations, but while Past You was sweating bullets if anyone glanced your way, Current You is presenting and answering questions with confidence. Social events may not be your cup of tea, but because of job requirements you may have built up a repertoire of conversation starters that helps you get things rolling. Even if it’s something that your personality type may not enjoy (group work as an introvert, or focused, solitary hours as an extrovert), over time, perhaps your skills have improved, and that leaves a lot of room for Current You to advance in the workplace. It’s time to leave the past in the past and move forward with confidence. What was true in Past You, may not – in fact – be true in the Current or Future You. Hit the reset button on your mindset, and let Current You shine through.

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