“I have three stories to tell you.” This is the opening line of a CEO who knows how to grab the attention of a room. I’ve heard him speak several times, and each time he selects different stories to connect with his audience and make his point. Like a picture that’s worth a thousand words, a story is worth many times the words used to tell it. The right story can effectively communicate a vision, inspire action, and leave a lasting impression. And for those who hate feeling like they’re bragging, a story is a great way to let others know how good you are without saying so directly. Start collecting and sharing your stories. 

What are your stories? When were you challenged, how did you overcome the challenge, and what did you learn? When did you push through your fear only to achieve something extraordinary? How have you exceeded expectations? Think about what really matters to you. Now consider how you took a stand for it in the past. How have you shown leadership in – and made a difference to – your organization? What do you want to be known for, and what are the stories that communicate this authentic part of you? By asking yourself questions like these, you’ll be able to curate your stories and share them at the right time in a meaningful way.