How strategic are you about building your relationships? Are you reactive and only responding to those who reach out to you, or are you proactively reaching out to others? Having strong, broad, and diverse relationships not only helps you learn and develop in your career, but also opens doors to opportunities that allow you to advance and shine. Given how critical relationships are, don’t leave it to chance. Be strategic and intentional in building relationships.

Consider your relationship network. Who are the people that provide you with useful information? Who do you call when you’re down and need someone to boost your confidence? Who offers counsel and advice? Who provides opportunities and sponsors you in the organization? What do you do for them and how can you do more to help them?  How diverse is your network? Does it span levels, functions, and departments? Where are the gaps in your network  and how can you fill them? Decide who you want to build relationships with, be intentional about interacting with them, and always add value.

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