Do you recognize a career-enhancing opportunity when it comes your way? Sometimes they come in a neatly gift-wrapped package with a note on top that says, “Do this well and you’ll be a shoe-in for promotion.” At other times they show up disguised as a seemingly insurmountable problem, a thankless task or a project that no one wants to take on. Your initial reaction might even be that it’s a waste of time – and that may or may not be an accurate assessment. Be thoughtful, and analyze opportunities for their career-enhancing potential. It’s important to be intentional about which opportunities you accept and which ones you respectfully decline.

How can you determine if an opportunity has the potential to enhance your career? Ask yourself these questions: Will it aid me in forming important relationships? Will it expand my knowledge, skills, and competence? Will it help me build confidence in myself and my ability to succeed? Will it allow me to be known for the things that I want to be known for? Will it increase my visibility with key decision makers? If the answer to some of these questions is “yes”, then this may be a career-enhancing opportunity. Then ask yourself, what do I need to do to be successful? How can I put my unique spin or mark on this project? How can I add more value? How can I exceed expectations? Once you know what you need to be successful, ask for it. Set yourself up to recognize and seize the opportunities that will help you build the career you want.

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