On the 4th of July, we celebrate the day that the Second Continental Congress adopted the Declaration of Independence. We carve time out to enjoy picnics, family gatherings, and fireworks. We take a break from work and allow ourselves to enjoy the moment. And yet, when we accomplish something or achieve a goal, we often move quickly to the next without enjoying the moment, acknowledging the effort, savoring the result, or reflecting on the experience. What would it be like if you allowed yourself to appreciate this moment? Would you feel more motivated? Would you experience more gratitude? Would you be happier? Take time to celebrate your accomplishments.

Perhaps you finished a major project, took on more responsibility, made a move to a new job, or were recently promoted. How about celebrating by going out to a special place for dinner, getting together with a friend and sharing the news, or treating yourself to something special?  Or maybe you learned something new, developed a new skill, or pushed yourself outside of your comfort zone to speak up in a meeting or meet someone new. How about treating yourself to a special coffee or giving yourself 10 minutes for a walk on a beautiful day? Think about the mini celebrations that would be meaningful to you and think about how you would celebrate major, long-term achievements. Before moving on to your next task or goal, take a moment to celebrate yourself and your accomplishments. Happy 4th of July!

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