Are you ready to get creative? I’m not talking about pulling out your paints and brushes – I’m talking about imagining and creating new things – markets, products, strategies, processes. Creativity can be big and disruptive, and it can be small and incremental. It requires making time to think and, for many who have never thought of themselves as creative, it requires adopting a growth mindset. Thinking creatively sets you apart, gives you a competitive advantage, and allows you to anticipate and create change. Thinking creatively also helps you create value, make a larger contribution to your organization, and build your reputation as an innovative and visionary leader. Develop your creative skills and stand out from the crowd.

How do you develop your creativity? You can start by opening yourself up to new perspectives and experiences – this can be a great source of inspiration and ideas. Interact with and be curious about people who are different from you – people with different backgrounds, ethnicities, ages, etc. Read about developments in other industries and talk to people from different disciplines. Do something you’ve never done before – visit a new country, take up a new hobby, explore a new neighborhood. Then, ask yourself questions designed to lead you to greater insights, for example: What do our clients and customers want that they’re not getting? How can we improve this process or product? What are the larger market trends and how will they impact my customers and my organization? What opportunities are we missing? You might decide to assemble a team to brainstorm issues and come up with solutions. Once you have settled on an idea, turn your attention to how to execute on it and create value for your organization. Develop your creative skills as you create the career you want.

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