Quality relationships can be the difference between a thriving career and a stagnant one. Being “in the know” when it comes to what’s happening in your organization, knowing whom to call to get things done, and having people who will help you out when you need a favor is a huge advantage. Having people who serve as mentors, reality checks, or sounding boards can help you make better career decisions. Having deep, diverse, and broad relationships can lead to more opportunities for you to learn and advance. Make developing and maintaining relationships a priority.

Do you think building relationships is something you do if you have spare time, or do you consider building relationships to be a critical part of your job? Is “networking” something you avoid, or do you see it as a way of making connections, learning from others, and developing new friends? When you meet someone, are you only thinking about what you can get from them, or are you looking for ways to help them? To create the career you want, it’s necessary for you to understand the value of relationships, and adopt a positive mindset about developing relationships with your peers, as well as those higher up and more junior to you. Look for ways to add value and give back, and spend time on your relationships every day – the impact on your career can be profound.

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