We were overwhelmed with the number and quality of the non-profits nominated for our book give-away.

In the end, it was too difficult to select just one organization, and so we selected four organizations.

We selected organizations based on two criteria: the important work they do for women and people of color and our assessment of the value our book would bring to those they serve.

The 4 organizations selected are:

• The Momentum Fellowship – The Momentum Fellowship is a program that supports professionals of color in philanthropy who bring their cultural backgrounds, identities and lived experiences into their workplace.

• National Association of Black Accountants – New York Chapter – The motto of NABA, Lifting As We Climb, is exemplified best in their mission, which addresses the professional needs of their members while developing and inspiring future leaders who will shape tomorrow’s accounting and finance professions.

• Financial Women’s Association (FWA) College Mentoring Program – FWA’s Undergraduate College Mentoring Programs provide mentoring for undergraduate women business students from underprivileged and underrepresented backgrounds.

• The Center for Asian Pacific American Women – The Center for Asian Pacific American Women is a national, nonprofit organization dedicated to the enhancement and enrichment of leadership skills for Asian American and Pacific Islander women through education, networking, and mentorship.

We applaud these non-profits and thank them for the important work they do.