Have you ever thought to yourself: “I hate my job – I have to get out of here”? In that moment, you were most likely experiencing negative emotions – perhaps anger, frustration, helplessness, or disappointment. Unless managed, your mood may push you to make a change that you may ultimately regret. Before you leap – pause and assess your emotions. If you are exhausted or stressed, find a way to renew. Take a vacation, even if it’s a short one over a weekend. Talk to friends who know you well and support you. Get out in nature or engage in a favorite activity that takes your mind off of work. Meditate or journal. Make sure you are in a positive emotional state before you make this important decision.

Once you’ve regained your equilibrium and can be thoughtful about the decision, talk to your mentors, take time to review your career goals, and consider whether your frustrations are temporary or permanent. Ask yourself what you can do to change the status quo. What can you do to help alleviate the pain points that are affecting your mood towards work?  If, after examining these questions, you decide that you want to leave your current position, then be intentional about finding the best “next position” for yourself. Consider your values, strengths, and interests. Think about the culture of the organization you would be joining and whether it is one in which you can thrive. Ask yourself whether this new position will help you achieve your long-term goals. Make sure you are moving toward the right thing, and not just running away from your current situation.

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