Who do you spend time with at work? Do they believe in you and encourage you to do more, or do they reinforce your limiting beliefs and warn you against taking bold action? Do they see opportunity and possibility or do they see only danger and downside around every corner? How much of your day is spent with these people, and how does it impact you? Who you spend time with matters. When you are surrounded by individuals who see the positive, know what you’re capable of, and believe that you can do more, it inspires you to set higher goals, stretch beyond your comfort zone, and try harder. When you hit hurdles, these are the people who help you stay resilient and focus on what you can do to come out ahead. These are the people who push you — not only in the workplace, but also towards your personal goals. They are the ones who tell you to apply for the job and sign up for the half-marathon. If you want to create the career you want, having enthusiastic supporters and cheerleaders will help you get there. Surround yourself with positive people.

Think about the people you frequently interact with and how you feel after these encounters. Do you feel uplifted and energized or do you feel enervated and want to crawl into a hole? Is there a group of people you interact with who share a positive and optimistic outlook – not Pollyanna-ish, but realistic optimists who get together and support each other? How can you spend more time with these people? Now, consider how you are at being a positive, encouraging person for others. Can you think of two or three individuals who seem a bit stuck and could use a little encouragement from you? This is a two-way street. To attract and retain positive friends, you must also be the positive friend that they need. Remember that a large part of making this a success involves giving to others, so think outside the box, and consider what you can do to help support those around you. In this holiday season, give the gift of positive encouragement to your co-workers and see what might develop as a result. It could very well be the gift that keeps on giving!

A personal note:
We will be taking some time off for the year-end holidays, and will be back with more career tips in January. We wish you a happy holiday season and all the best in the New Year!

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